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Why do you provide all day coverage versus hourly choices?

A lot of vendors charge extra for hours not included in their package. We don’t believe in doing this. Mainly becuase we don’t want your budget to dictate how good of a wedding film we make. We want to be there for every moment and try our best not to miss a thing. If your budget didn’t allow for 2 extra hours, maybe we miss the groom pulling the most epic John Travolta dance moves at the reception. We know you want to see that for years to come! Our packages dictate which deliverable videos you get. So no matter which package you choose, we film your day the same way to get you the best possible wedding film.

Do you do destination weddings/elopements?

Yes, we do! These are the BEST! Travel costs apply but we will give you a customized quote to save you the most money we can. These are our favorite weddings to do! (SHH! Don’t tell)

How long does it take to get our Wedding Film?

You can expect most wedding films to be finished about 10-12 weeks. If you want this done sooner for any reason, we do offer a rush delivery.

What is your payment policy?

We require a $1,500 retainer payment to reserve your wedding date. Your initial payment reserves your wedding date and is non-refunable as per the Wedding Film Agreement. The remaining balance is then due 1 week prior to the wedding or earlier.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Debit, Credit, Check, or Bank Transfer.

What if we need to reschedule our wedding?

As long as you are able to reschedule to a date that we have free, we will still be there! If it is postponed to a new year, it may be subject to a change in pricing from your original booking.

Do you make backups of the footage?

We make redundant backups of all of your footage WHILE we are filming and additional backups the moment we arrive back at the office. It’s the first thing on our list (even before making coffee).

Do you offer weekday pricing?

We offer discounts for Monday - Thursday weddings depending on the time of year. Reach out to find out what we can do for your specific wedding date!

What style of shooting do you use?

We spend most of the day shooting candidly. When shooting “posed” situations, we employ lots of experience to help you feel extermely comfortable. We won’t place your hand here, move your foot there, but we will more than likely say something like, “I want you to bump into him like a 7th grader flirting with her crush, then hold him like he just brought you Pizza and Wine”

Do we have to wait 10 weeks before we see any videos?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We create and share a 60 second trailer for your wedding film, usually finished within 2 weeks of your wedding date! If your package includes it and you would like a specific dance, speech, letter reading, or any other small edit, let us know and we can do our best to make it happen! So you WILL receive several of your videos prior to your wedding film, which will be delivered last.

I'm ready to book ToMorrow's Weddings, now what?

Now is the time to reach back out to us and ask any questions! If all your questions are answered, it’s time to tell us you’re ready to reserve us for your wedding date! After you notify us that we are reserving your wedding date, we will schedule an in person meeting or a Zoom video call to go over any last details before you choose your package, ad-ons, sign your Wedding Film Agreement, and make your down payment.

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