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Hello! Thanks for checking out our art. Kinda weird thinking of your wedding video as art, isn't it? But that's the way we treat your day. You're hiring us to create a piece of art that represents your wedding. Okay, okay. That sounds really deep. But to be honest, that's what I fell in love with when it comes to being a creator, artist, video guy, camera man, and whatever other name comes to mind. Being able to create something that brings you back to your day every single time you see it just feels special.

I'm a small town guy that moved to the Twin Cities for school. I get my attention to detail from being a computer science major (yup, I'm one of those nerds) from the University of Minnesota. I wrestled for the Gophers while I was there and that taught me what hard work really is. So when other people say working weddings is hard, we're just getting started. Being a Minnesotan born and raised, I've spent much of my post college life traveling the world (because fields and lakes are great, but they ain't everything). I currently live in Woodbury, MN with my amazing wife Wendy and our 2 beautiful children.

All in all, my job is to be there for you. To have fun with you, to capture those special moments, and to help you remember one of the biggest days you'll ever have in life. I always say you get to keep 5 things after your wedding day is over: Your husband, your rings, your dress, your photos, and your videos. Make sure to pick the right one when it comes to those things.... especially the first one. (;

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